Garden City Volume 1 (Print)

The Dwyer Brothers
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Hacks, Drugs, Rock ’n Roll.

It’s 1995. The internet is just the latest fad. Grunge is dead but Canadian indie rock is louder than ever. And adventure finds an unlikely group of slacker friends in a nowhere town.

One part hazy memoir mixed with two parts nostalgia and imagination, the first volume in this comic book tale reminds us that the craziest of nights can kick-off at any time.

Read this comic if you liked Clerks, High Fidelity, American Splendor, Scott Pilgrim, Office Space or The Big Bang Theory.


(Print edition, limited quantities available. Colour covers with 24 page b/w interior. Shipping time and cost varies by location)


Art by Jason Dwyer

Story by Sean & Jason Dwyer

Find the Volume 1 listening playlist on Spotify.

(if it doesn't show in search find user:jheysun)

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  • The 24 page print edition comic Garden City Volume 1

  • The 24 page print edition comic Garden City Volume 1
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Garden City Volume 1 (Print)

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